Uvc Sterilizer Lamp - 3.8w

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Model No. :  HSG – S003

Ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (DNA)or RNA (ribonuclelc acid) in the cells of micro organisms by using the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet rays to achieve growth and / or regenerative cell death.

Ultraviolet disnfection technology is based on modern anti- epidemiology, medicine and photodynamics. It uses specially designed high-efficiency,
high-intensity and long-life UVC band ultraviolet light to Sterilization and disinfection.

It’s commonly used for

Car, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Rooms, Toilets etc.


Φ4mm * 100mm UVC Ultraviolet Quartz Lamp
with inbuilt battery 
Gravity Sensor to Protect Eyes
Radiation Intensity:> 2500uw / c㎡
Product Service Life:> 20000H.


Rated Volage : DC 3.7V
Batter : 1000mAh
Charging Time : 4 Hrs
Product Size : 65 x 65 x 126.5mm
Packing Size : 85 x 85 x 146.5mm
Rated Power : 3.8 W
Charging Voltage : 30000 Hrs
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