Savior Fruits and Vegetables Sterilization Machine

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About This Product

Savior Fruit  and Vegetable Sterilization machine ensure that you eat safe and chemical-free fruits and vegetables. It can kill germs, bacteria , fungus and other pathogens from the food. The vegetables and fruits we get from the market are coated with pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals, which can not be removed with water. Savior fruits & vegetable sterilization machine works on Ozone Purification Technology and removes chemicals ,bacteria, fungi, residual pesticides and insecticides from fruits and vegetables, keeping you and your family free from health hazards. It has a compact design, can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a counter.

Model No : HRJ 1666

Products Features

  • Kill germs /bacteria, fungus & other pathogens from the food.
  • Can be used for Fish, meat, bean products, Sea food, vegetable & fruits
  • Removes chemicals, pesticides & dust from fruits and vegetables
  • Kill harmful bacteria
  • Keep food fresh
  • Comes with Ozone Purification (O3)

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