Intra Articular Injection-Reviscon Plus 1.6%-32,0mg (Doctor's Precription Required)

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About This Product

Reviscon 1.6 % is sterile, non pyrogenic, clear, non inflammatory, highly purified sodium hyaluronate of  high molecular weight, dissolved in a buffered physiological saline solutions. The highly purified  sodium hyaluronate is obtained from bacteria by fermentation. Reviscon is a product for the relief of the pain and stiffness of the knee joint and other synovial joints in patients with degenerative and traunatic changes to the synovial joint. Reviscon has a pH of 6.8 to 7.6 and osmolality of 300 to 350 mPsm/Kg , similar to the synovial fluid.

►Key Benefits :-

a) Help you feel comfortable when you move,

b)Reduce pain and stiffness for upto 6 months,

c) Help your body prodcue healthy synovial fluid.

►Safety Information :-

Reviscon is intended for single use only. The reused of the product creates a potential infection risk for patients or users.

• Do not use if package is damaged or opened.

• There is no evidence concerning the safety of Reviscon in human pregnancy, lactation and the children under 18 yrs of age 

►Application :-

Doctor's Precription Required 

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