Intra Articular Injection-Reviscon Mono 2.0%-48,omg (Doctor's Precription Required)

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About This Product

Reviscon Mono contains one of the highest molecular weight sodium hyaluronate with unique cohesive energy characteristics. Excellent rheological profile is designed for greater zero shear viscosity resulting in efficient pain relief and dynamic elasticity at higher shear rates for enduring  mobility.

►Key Benefits/Uses :

a) Help you feel comfortable when you move,

b)Reduce pain and stiffness for upto 6 months,

c) Help your body prodcue healthy synovial fluid.

Direction for use

For Intraarticular injection for single use only

►Safety Information :

Reviscon is intended for single use only. The reused of the product creates a potential infection risk for patients or users.

• Do not use if package is damaged or opened.

• There is no evidence concerning the safety of Reviscon in human pregnancy, lactation and the children under 18 yrs of age 

►Application :-

Doctor's Precription Required 

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